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Slaughter Lands is a horde survival game developed solo by a 15 year old in which the main objective is to survive against waves of enemies by opening certain areas of the map, obtaining perks and acquiring new weaponry as well as using a phone which is capable of boosting stats by listening to music.

The version here has only one map and a tutorial, the main gameplay mechanics have been finished and should be completely playable, if there are any glitches please send an e-mail to gchangeshelp@gmail.com, please describe the glitch in detail and if possible provide screenshots and when it occurred, it will help me find the bugs easier.

Due to memory limits with itch.io's uploading process I've had to move to gamejolt. Just search for Slaughter Lands.

Update overviews/summaries can be found on my youtube channel:



Slaughter Lands v1.19b.zip 453 MB

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