Update v1.17 for Slaughter Lands

Update v1.17:

Remade Facility.
Removed prologue to Facility.
New first person animations to suit the new MakeHuman models.
New Spawner Prioritizing
New MP7, MP5, M249 and SCAR-H model.
New Menu Look.
Removed Double-Barrel Shotgun
New grenade model and the flare is now a flare gun.
Removed Update Panel in Journal
Increased grenade velocity.
Added .50 Cal Revolver and Desert Eagle
Added new zombie model
Font changes
Remade phone UI
UI changes regarding opening doors and repairing windows.
Zombies will now attack through windows.
Certain zombies now have different behaviours.
Added Revolver Reload Sounds
Weapons that reload with no ammo will now have different animations with different lengths.


Slaughter Lands v1.17.zip 446 MB
May 23, 2017

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